Review | Natural Choices

Review | Natural Choices

I was lucky enough to have been able to try the skin care line by Natural Choices Cosmetics. They are a new Swiss based brand that focuses only on natural ingredients for their products. Because it is important to them for you to have the perfect skin care routine, they even produce their moisturizer especially for your skin type. That is also why you will have to fill out a Skin Analyzing Form one you place an order.

I was really happy when Alana Olivers, the owner of the company, reached out to me and asked whether I wanted to try her products. My skin has been on some kind of a rollercoaster these past months and I have been suffering from acne breakouts and uneven skin texture.

The older I get the more I like to focus on my skin care first rather than my makeup. Of course you can cover up blemishes but if you have a great canvas to begin with, you will not have to use that many other products anymore. Plus: It will eventually look more natural.


So here is what I was sent and their ingredients (in German) 


Clean Slate – Cleansing Oil  (100ml, CHF40)

Nachtkerzenöl, Calendulaöl, Mandelöl, Jojobaöl, Aloe Vera, Arganöl, Wildroseöl, Brokkolisameöl, Arnikaöl, Vitamin E, Karrotensamenöl, Cranberrysamenöl, Avellanaöl, Himbeersameöl, Ginsengextrakt, Kamilleextrakt, Grüentee Extrakt



 Vitamin Infusion – Tonic (80ml, CHF55)

Nerolihydrolat, Rosenhydrolat, Wasser, Kamilleextrakt, Oringaöl, Vitamin E, Lavendelöl, Orangeöl, Hammamelishydrolat, Lavendelhydrolat




Pure Repair Serum – Hair Oil (50ml, CHF50)

Arganöl, Kokosöl, Rizinusöl, Aloe Vera, Sheabutter, Moringaöl, Thymianöl, Rosmarinöl, Pfefferminzöl, Lavendelöl, Rosehydrolat, Roseöl, Kamilleöl




The Perfectionist – Personalised Daily Moisturizer (50ml, CHF80)

Nachtkerzenöl, Wasser, Aprikosenkernöl, Traubenlernöl, Calendulaöl, Moringaöl, Sheabutter, Baobaböl, Mandelöl, Macadamiaöl, Avellanaöl, Aloe Vera, Neemöl, Hammamelishydrolat, Vitamin E, Kakaobutter, Glycerin, Orangeöl, Lavendelöl, Rosenöl, Arnikaöl, Emulsan, Brokkolisamenöl, Grünteeextrakt, Japanischer Beerenwachs, Kamilleextrakt, Hyaluronsäure, Biokons, Kollagen, Vitamin C



Now, I have been using these products for about 2,5 weeks-ish every single day. And I must say I am really impressed!

I was never really sure how Oil Cleansers work but was very interested to try them. And oh my, it is good! Because I have combination skin my face tends to feel very dry after washing it and if I don’t apply moisturizer right after, it can be very uncomfortable. The ‘Clean Slate’ really hydrates your skin whilst thoroughly cleansing it. A lot of my acne scars have healed very quickly and my blackheads have reduced massively. I do not really know what it is but my skin loves it! A big plus for me is also that it does not smell like anything. I don’t like putting a sh*t load of fragrance on my face.

The Vitamin Infusion Tonic is also one of my favourites. It smells and feels very refreshing and prepares your skin perfectly for moisturizer. it can be used before makeup or over makeup. although I would not recommend the latter because the

This leads me to my next favorite: The Perfectionist. This cream is packed with amazing nutrients that benefit your skin. Although it might seem quite heavy at the beginning, it really did wonders for my skin. It hydrates and reduces redness and fine lines. Even my under eye area seems tighter and more plump than before. If you know me, you know that I suffer from extreme sensitive skin, so for me it is important that my skin care is really gentle. With Natural Choices I did not have a bad reaction what so ever. (and no, this post is not sponsored! )

Now that my hair has gotten longer again, I obviously have split ends. Of course there is nothing like a trim at the hairdresser’s but it is important to take care of your hair beforehand to prevent major damage. If you want to let your hair grow healthy and strong, hair oil is a must. I have tried many hair oils in the past but this one was very different from the ones I know because it does not contain silicone or other chemical additives. I have used the Pure Repair Serum on my 3rd day hair over night before I would wash it the next morning. To be honest I am not a big fan of the smell, although I really love the scent of rosemary but I think it is a little bit intense. But if you have dry ends like I do, this is worth the investment.


Over all I think Natural Choices offer a great product range with high quality, self made products that are customizable to your needs. The price point might be hight at first put if you consider the fact that it is Swiss based and self made with all natural ingredients it does its price justice.

Another thing I will say that has improvement potential is the packaging. I love the black and gold theme and the fact that it comes in solid glass containers, but I wished you were able to  see through the glass so you know how much product you have left and when it is time to buy a backup. For me as a customer I would also wish for them to put more information about the product, like ingredients, benefits etc., on the packaging as well.

Anyway I think their products are worth a try and it’s always nice to support local businesses, so definitely go check out their website for more information about the brand and the whole product range.


xx P.


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