20 Facts about me: Reloaded

20 Facts about me: Reloaded

Hello everyone!

Now since I launched my new blog I figured it would be a great time to do a new “20 facts about me” post. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are new here and haven’t followed me before.

Have fun!


1 My name is Patricia

2 I am 28 years old

3 I have two brothers

4 I currently have four tattoos

5 Peonies are my favorite flowers

6 Travelling and exploring different countries makes me happy

7 I love buying books, but then I never really manage to read them (shame on me)

8 Some people say I laugh like a dying guinea pig…which I am certain I don’t

9 I am a professional Makeup Artist

10 I am a full on Gemini

11 Hendrick’s Gin&Tonic is my favorite drink

12 I hate toothpaste (that doesn’t mean I don’t brush my teeth, tho! I just find it disgusting)

13 I only like mint when it’s fresh out the garden, other than that I don’t like the taste or smell of it at all!

14 I love to sing

15 I am very sarcastic

16 Most of the colors I wear are black, faded black and super black

17 But my favorite color at the moment (changes all the time) is red

18 I can be very timid

19 Coutchpotato #noregrets

20 I love pickles!


I tag everyone of you! Tell me 20 fun fact about yourself, I would love to know!




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