Sephora Opening: Manor Zurich Letzipark

Sephora Opening: Manor Zurich Letzipark

Hello my lovely internet friends!

Last Thursday I was kindly  invited to the opening of the Sephora at Manor Zurich Letzipark.

Me and four other bloggers had the chance to peek behind the curtain before everyone else. So exciting right?

Upon arrival we received a warm welcome and were served champagne. (Of course!)

To me, Manor Letzipark has kind of a sentimental value because it was this very place where I did my apprenticeship a couple of years ago. I was so excited to say hi to everyone!

Once I got behind the scenes I was once again amazed by the beauty of all the makeup displays. It’s kinda like entering a candy store when you were a child, well for me at least.

Of course I had to test and swatch it all. From Benefit to Makeup For Ever to Marc Jacobs!

They told us that this particular Sephora was a little smaller than the one at Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. Which does make sense, since the other one is a bigger store in general.

But in all honesty they have everything you could wish for: The major brands, Sephora Collection and Korean Beauty. And also we need to appreciate the fact that they even brought Sephora to Switzerland! How many times have we wished for this to happen? Here’s something for all the Becca fans waiting patiently for the Chrissy Teigen Collab to come to Switzerland: Apparentely the Palette will only be sold at Letzipark so make sure to stop by once it is out because it will be gone in no time!

We were given this amazing Goodie Bag filled with all the great stuff fresh from the oven basically. I was shook about how much we received! (I think I said ‘Thank you!!’ about a gazillion times)

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Then it was almost time, the countdown began.

…3…2…1…and the curtain fell! Welcome Sephora Manor Letzipark!

Seing all these happy faces entering the store made me even more happy. And guys, it is pretty much confirmed that Kat von D Beauty is coming to Sephora Switzerland exclusivley in September 2017! Maybe there will be an event as well? Who knows? (Psst! If there’s not a Manor Sephora near you, fear not, they have an amazing Online Shop where you can buy all the goodies: )

I’ll keep you posted!


Lots of love!





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