Face Awards Finale

Face Awards Finale

What an exciting week!

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to attend the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards Finale in Bern!

I was so excited for this event and could not wait for the winner to be revealed.

It was held at the NOA Grill Restaurant (highly recommend!) and we had a separate room to ourselves. I finally had the chance to meet the NYX team and of course the Top20 finalists. But on a more exciting note I got the chance to meet Julia Graf (which if you didn’t know, is pretty much the biggest Beauty-Youtuber in Switzerland, but then again: have you been living under a rock?! ) She was such a sweetheart and took pictures with everyone. We obviously got to chat about all things beauty, how amazing MAC Cosmetics ‘Chateau M’ Liquid Lipstick is and of course her YT career. I felt really inspired by her attitude and mindset. She really does not give a s*%t about what other people think. (That’s what she said when I asked her if vlogging in front of strangers wasn’t awkward) Go follow her!

After Dinner the winner was finally revealed: Ana from AnasCafeBeauty won!! So well deserved! You really need to check out the videos she created for this competition. they’re amazing!

Here are some impressions of the event:

Also: Keep your eyes open on my Youtube Channel. There might be my first vlog coming up!



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